Want doesn’t get, Do does get.

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We always strive to be better. One of the many things that we can do to be a better version of ourselves is to create and develop a new habit. The dictionary defines habit as an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Putting the word ‘involuntary’ as an emphasis means that we do things we naturally and no pressure. If we want to change our self to be better, we need to forge a new and better habits. …

to express the unexpressed, to say things that were unsaid, to write what supposed to be written. #leftunspokenproject

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A couple of days ago, I started a pilot project called the #leftunspokenproject. This project was inspired the book “I Wrote This For You” by Iain St. Thomas. It’s a very great book with a powerful words and pictures.

This little project was about saying words that we wish we could say, but somehow we can’t, won’t, or not able to. Those words just sit there, in our minds, waiting to come out. …

a note about emotional rollercoaster

Photo : Gilbert Timothy / Unsplash

Have you asked yourself, why am I so fucked up?

Well, we all did. At least, there’s one point in our life where we feel we can’t recognize the person who is standing in the mirror.
In my case, yes, I fucked up, big time. A couple of years back, I threw away the most important thing in my life, which is sadly its not even a thing. It’s a person. I thought I could get away with it, but the universe says no, you can’t. You have to be responsible and pay for the consequences.

‘We always reap what…

Gilbert Timothy

— half full glass •

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